Make Your Period Positive

period starter kit by period packsFor that special time in every young girl’s life, wouldn’t it be nice to initiate discussion about her period with a lovely gift? We think so and therefore design a unique line of Period Packs™ to welcome young ladies to womanhood.  period packs first period gift Period Packs gift boxes help:

Introduce the concept of menstruation in a unique and non-embarrassing manner

Provide feminine hygiene products discreetly for review and initial use

Encourage dialogue with an easy-to-read book on menstruation – answering the most common and sensitive questions

Mentor confidently with an included Parent’s Guide on how to begin a conversation about puberty

Enjoy bringing a sense of celebration to a major milestone in a young lady’s life

“What an incredible idea! When young women today get their period, it’s not just about getting them pads anymore. It’s about explaining to them the changes they can expect and the new responsibilities they have when it comes to their bodies. Period Packs supplies not only fabulous goodies for young ladies, but valuable information in a fun format.” ~Abra D, Malden, Massachusetts

We love to surprise our clients, too! Oftentimes, Team Period Packs™ comes across unique or super-fun products that we want our clients to know about—simply because the products are so cool! When this happens, our clients will receive extra, free and unexpected goodies in their gift boxes as a special gift from us! Enjoy your surprises, ladies!   ~XOXO, Team Period Packs

Period Packs at Startup Nation 2014