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There it was….just a mound of toilet paper rolled up towards the back of the stall. Feminine hygiene (in this case, pads) disposed of in this manner EVEN THOUGH there was a functioning trash container inside the stall!  This type of scene is all too common, sadly, but thanks to a brilliant idea from Ann Germanow, women today have a feminine hygiene disposal option that is not only eco-friendly, but clean and easy to manage whether there are disposal bins available or not!  Scensibles, scented bags for clean and discreet disposal of feminine hygiene items, are the brainchild of Germanow who captured her entrepreneurial business idea after seeing a sign in the women’s restroom at her workplace which read, “Ladies: STOP flushing tampons down the toilet. We cannot afford the plumbing bills!”

Although some tampon packages indicate that you should be able to flush a tampon, the reality is that flushing them (or anything other than waste) down a toilet can cause a significant problem in the plumbing. Think…major backup.


The tiny little Scensibles bags are available in growing numbers across commercial washrooms, and also through supermarket megastore, Wegmans. Period Packs also includes a travel-sized sample of Scensibles bags in all of its gift boxes so that tweens learn early that there are better ways to dispose of feminine hygiene products.  It would have been absolutely lovely if the woman who left her used feminine hygiene supplies behind in that stall (photo above), had Scensibles bags to use.IMG_5833 - Version 2Period Packs - Scensibles

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Growing in popularity however are alternative, reusable feminine hygiene products such as the menstrual cup–eco-friendly, silicon cups worn inside the vagina. Women in the U.S. are still fond of disposable feminine hygiene, although an increasing number are catching the wave of popularity of menstrual cups which require no disposal at all–and can be used for up to 10 years (with proper maintenance).  Menstrual cups can also be worn swimming, while doing sports, etc. and are barely detectable. They are, in essence, the ‘new and improved’ version of the tampon.

But, it will be some time before women of all ages are comfortable using menstrual cups–so in the interim, for those using disposables, please consider purchasing some Scensibles.Period Packs - Scensibles Period Packs _ Scensibles Bags Period Packs - Scensibles The company’s travel packs fit easily into any small clutch/purse/gym bag and will be a welcomed item to have on hand if you find yourself needing a way to dispose of used feminine hygiene items discreetly and in a sanitary fashion.  Thank goodness for Scensibles.

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