About Period Packs

We think the day a young woman gets her period is a day of celebration, not devastation.

Don’t you like unexpected gifts?
We sure do!

We remember when we were young girls…and postal (i.e. snail mail) was the only way we received things like our Leif Garrett and David Cassidy Fan Club packages (yup, that comment will certainly date us!), birthday cards filled with cash, and even a box filled with feminine hygiene products.

For the women of Team Period Packs™, those days are distant in our rear view mirrors, but the positive feelings we remember (of receiving something cool and unexpected) remains. And, it’s that positive feeling we hope to deliver to young ladies across the nation…and eventually…around the world!

Period Packs™ deliver uniquely designed gift boxes filled with both fun and functional items to ‘welcome young ladies to womanhood!’ Period Packs are the most robust first period kits available delivered not as a monthly subscription service, but instead, an individual gift!

Period Packs first period gift boxOur line of period kits can be given by mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, sisters or friends throughout the year– not exclusively at the onset of a girl’s period. And, while many of our clients tend to wait until the special young ladies in their lives actually start menstruating, our advice would be to not to wait. Instead, purchase a period kit before her period starts so that she is both prepared and knowledgeable.