“No other 1st time menstruation kit even comes close to the wonderful package prepared by Period Packs. Thank you again for doing such a beautiful, sensitive job welcoming our beloved young girls into the wonder of being a woman. I have told many friends (both men and women) about the wonderful service you are providing. Keep up the great (and much needed) work!”

~ J’aime R., Danville, CA

“Thank you for the service you provide, this is definitely a time that is rife with uncertainty for a maturing girl. Period Packs help ease the transition into womanhood with aplomb!”

~A. Degbor, New Bedford, MA

“I want to send out a big thank you to Period Packs!! My 10.5 year old daughter was the lucky recipient of a wonderful gift basket from Period Packs. Today, I sat down to really solidify our past discussions and presented her with the wonderful basket, full of treats, nail polish, a great book, “starter” supplies,” and more. It made our talk so much easier and even fun! It really took away a lot of anxiety for both of us and she really loved being part of the “young woman” club, even though the main event might still be a while off. I think your approach to this topic for young ladies is brilliant and I hope more people use your products as the catalyst to sit down and have an honest (and fun) conversation with their daughters! With help like this, even a dad can do it! Thanks, Period Packs! You rock!”

~Wendy B., Wellesley, MA

“Attention Parents of Girls! I can attest this is a must have! You can include a custom note that arrives with the Pack and it’s actually HAND WRITTEN! That kind of thing just doesn’t happen these days. Wish there had been something like this when I was 12.”

~ Andrea S., Yorktown, VA

“Thank you Period Packs for coming up with an easy and comfortable way for a young girl to learn about becoming a woman. A year ago I bought a Period Pack— preparing for that day when my daughter would move from my “baby” to a maturing young lady. I have been speaking with her about this new stage in her life but when the package came in the mail it gave me the opportunity to talk more in depth. We looked over all the great items in the box and together tucked it away, having confidence that when the big day would take place she would be ready. When her period did arrive, not only was she excited to have all the goodies, but the educational book pamphlets and the pad samples helped us both feel at ease. Thank you, Period Packs, for making this ‘life change’ less stressful.”

~Patti & Telley – Malden, MA

“All my friends with little girls: Period Packs is fantastic! I sent a gift from them for a very special young lady and it was amazing! They included a customized hand written card (so nice), and lots of wonderful goodies to help her take the steps into being a young woman. Pre-order so it’s ready for that special day! I love this company!”

~Roberta H., Kansas

“I was surprised at all the different things that came in the [Original Period Pack] box. There were all the things that you would need (pads, a book to explain everything), and then there were fun things like candy, headbands, and nail polish. At first I was nervous, but now I’m pretty comfortable with the idea of getting my period.”

~Emily, Bedford, MA

“Period Packs are a perfect icebreaker to having a conversation about growing up which can oftentimes be awkward for parents and their pre-teens.”

~Rachel C., Salt Lake City, UT

“Getting the Period Pack was a great way to help prepare my daughter for what to expect. As a mom, I thought the book was extremely helpful. Its language was simple and to the point so my daughter could read it herself when she wanted to. In our experience, we found the Period pack to be a gift. The contents inside such as the chocolate and nail polish, made our daughter feel special and realize that getting your period is not as horrible as she might have thought.”

~Julie C., North Andover, MA

donna-testimonials“Having “the talk” with my mom was a little awkward at first, but I got more comfortable about it the more questions I asked. My mom answered all of my questions and gave me a book to read that really helped prepare me. When I actually got my period I was excited and nervous. I was excited because “yeah, I finally got my period”, it felt like I’d been waiting forever. But I was nervous too because I didn’t know what to do because I was at my dad’s house, but my stepmom helped me. The difference between having “the talk” and actually getting my period was that it was less scary than I thought it would be when I had the talk. The Period Pack was really helpful to me because there are little “to go” pads and those are easier to use when you’re on the go than the normal size pads. My favorite thing in the Period Pack was the “Don’t Cramp My Style” purse–I use it to put all my “just-in-case” stuff in.”

~Shelby R., Elk Grove, CA

“Period Packs is such a great idea. I loved getting an unexpected package in the mail–filled with wonderful goodies, and especially the chocolate! When my mom told me she had purchased the pack for me, I gave her a big hug since getting your period isn’t so bad after all.”

~ Maryann; Ava, New York

“What an incredible idea! When young women today get their period, it’s not just about getting them pads anymore. It’s about explaining to them the changes they can expect and the new responsibilities they have when it comes to their bodies. Period Packs supplies not only fabulous goodies for young ladies, but valuable information in a fun format.”

~Abra D, Malden, Massachusetts
“Period Packs are such a blessing! The two young women I purchased them for are being raised by a single father (a close friend of ours) with no female presence in the home. The young ladies of the house were so surprised and excited to receive their care packages and their father is so very thankful.  ~ Tracy D. 

“Thank you for the wonderful and fun package. I love it! The lip gloss smells (and tastes) good and I love the nail polish color. I love it!”

~Kayla M, Cicero, NY

“The assortment of goodies [in the Period Pack] is appealing—as well as helpful. There is instructive information that is presented in a very appealing way. I think that including things like the chocolate, Smencil and lip gloss makes the event more celebratory and minimizes some of the embarrassment that girls have at this tender stage. It also provides a non-threatening way of connecting. Many thanks!”

~ Susanne M, Cicero, NY

“Very beneficial and informative. My daughter was very excited to get this!  It makes having your “period” more comfortable to have and talk about.” ~Ruth S., Alberta CANADA

“I bought a Period Pack for a young lady I know, and when she received it, she was so happy! It changed her whole attitude about womanhood. Her mother also commented on how pretty the box was, and I personally, was really impressed. Thanks so much!”

~Karine S., Massachusetts

“As I watched my precious daughter grow, my mind had played out all the things I wanted to say for each milestone in her life, especially when she would become a young woman. I thought I was prepared when that milestone came, but when it did my mind became flooded with the memory of her as a baby and I was at a loss for words and filled with emotion. My only daughter was now a young woman. I needed something that would help ease that emotion and make it more comfortable for her. Period Packs did exactly that. It showed up on a Friday beautifully packed and my daughter’s best friend just happened to be spending the night. I took it into her room and I said I have something that the two of you might want to go through together. When they were done, they both came out and said how great it was and thank you. Thank you Period Packs for making my emotional journey as a mother easier.”

~Rebecca G., New York
“Thank you so much for the Period Pack! I think your business really helps make the whole experience more welcoming and less intimidating…especially for timid, anxious girls.”
~Christina L., Massachusetts

“Never underestimate the power of your business! You are providing much more than the feminine necessities! We are proof! Thank you. ~Cathy R., Canada