Period Pack Original


The perfect starter kit, our Original Period Pack “welcomes young ladies to womanhood.” Containing both fun and functional items, this first period kit comfortably introduces the concept of menstruation, while providing informative and celebratory elements to make the transition easier and more pleasant.



Period-Packs-First-Period-KitAt Period Packs, we pack our gift boxes from bottom to top!

The ‘Original’ Period Pack is the perfect starter kit, containing thin regular maxi pads, panty liners, delicate feminine wipes, a calendar to track her monthly cycle, an informative book about menstruation, a stylish, hand-crafted carrying case/wristlet, lip gloss/lip balm, nail polish, nail polish remover pads, and a nail file. To satisfy chocolate cravings, Period Packs’ Original first period kit includes delicious PINK hot cocoa (yes, it really is pink and tastes delicious!). As a free gift, we also include a unique, scented SMENCIL to help more pleasantly track monthly cycles, MaskIT disposal bags, and many unexpected special treats and surprises.

The ‘Original’ Period Pack is our most requested and popular period pack for tweens and a mom’s (and dad’s) favorite! In fact, here’s what one father (Travis, father of 3 and owner of blog Daddy’s hangout) had to say about Period Packs’ gift box.



Below is what you can expect to receive, but given that we LOVE to surprise our clients with extra free gifts, goodies and samples, what you will ultimately receive is much more than what is contained below. 🙂  Original-Period-Pack-First-Period-Gift-Box-Contents