First Period Packs and Gifts

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  • Period_Packs_First_Period_Kit

    Period Pack Original

    The perfect starter kit, our Original Period Pack “welcomes young ladies to womanhood.” Containing both fun and functional items, this first period kit comfortably introduces the concept of menstruation, while providing informative and celebratory elements to make the transition easier and more pleasant.

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  • Sale! The Period Book

    Period. A Girl’s Guide

    Period. A Girl’s Guide covers questions about puberty and menstruation. The authors emphasize the positive (e.g., “Being comfortable with your own body is important”) and use diagrams to familiarize readers with the inner workings of their bodies, including what happens during menstruation. A question-and-answer format in the last three chapters allows girls to locate easily Read More

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  • Period-Packs-First-Period-Kit

    Tips for Having the “Period Talk” – FREE download

    PeriodPacks-HavingTheTalk-TIPS 2018 (Click the link above to download; PDF file) Is the special young lady in your life beginning to show signs of maturation? If so, the start of her period may not be far off.  To help prepare you (and her), Period Packs is offering this free, downloadable guide on how to initiate the Read More

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  • Veeda Naturals Products in Period Packs Gift Box

    Organic Period Pack

    Period Packs’ Organic first period kit contains 100% natural cotton, hypo-allergenic pads, tampons and panty liners.  Women today have choices when it comes to feminine hygiene, and for those seeking a natural option, we deliver 100% cotton products in a gift box that too can be easily recycled, for a smaller carbon footprint and an eco-friendly option.

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  • Period_Packs_Mini

    Period Pack “Mini”

    For those familiar with their menstrual cycle, the Period Pack “Mini” arrives complete with perfectly-appointed supplies, plus various extras! Period Pack’s Mini gift boxes can also be customized and easily shipped in quantity to support organizations and schools offering puberty lessons or menstruation seminars.

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  • Period Packs Cuppy Chic Gift Box

    Cuppy Chic Period Pack

    For eco-conscious and active young ladies, new advancements in menstrual hygiene (i.e. menstrual or cervical cups) deliver yet another option for managing menstrual flow. Menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone and are worn inside the vagina (similar to a tampon) to collect rather than absorb menstrual flow. Menstrual cups are safe, reusable, easily- cleaned and also help to reduce landfill waste. If properly cared for, menstrual cups can last up to 10 years.

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  • Period Calendar

    Period Packs - Period Calendar

    My Period Calendar - Free PDF Download (4.7MB). The best way to learn the pattern of your cycle is to chart it each month. We're providing our period calendar for free. Print extras for yourself and your friends!